Ayatollah Khamenei: "bloodsucker capitalists and Zionists" are behind attacks on Iran

17 Feb 2012 by CST

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei gave a speech on Wednesday to encourage Iranians to participate in the Parliamentary elections that are due to take place next month. While this is quite normal for any politician, a transcript from BBC Monitoring reveals that Khamenei claimed there is a "hostile and vicious enemy" that is attempting to undermine Iranians' faith in their political system.

Who, you might ask, could this enemy be? And you may not be surprised to discover that it is none other than the good old international Zionist conspiracy:

The front of a hostile and vicious enemy, who holds the entire communications and media facilities of the world on its palm, and most of the Western politicians are the puppets of this hostile front, which is the front of capitalists, cartel holders, trust holders, large company holders, bloodsucker capitalists and Zionists, and the global Zionist network, which possesses most of the global media, the super-modern media of the day, like these TV channels and more important Internet channels, concentrated their propaganda on making the Iranian people disappointed by the system, Islam and the announced aims.

Just a reminder that President Ahmadinejad is far from the only senior political figure in Iran who peddles this dangerous nonsense.

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