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Boycott Israel: Zionists are “the most hateful people imaginable”

25 May 2012

The website of the London branch of the boycott Israel movement (the people who intend to disrupt next week’s Israeli performances of The Merchant of Venice), carries an article stating that Zionists are

the most hateful people imaginable

The boycott Israel article also describes Zionism as:

 a murderous, parasitic doctrine

Dehumanisation and demonisation are the basic building blocks of racism and racist violence. Zionism is a political choice, so anti-Zionism is not exactly racism.

Still, most Jews are Zionists; and Zionism is inextricably linked with Jews, Judaism and Jewish history. To be a Zionist in a post-Holocaust world is, for many Jews, simply the most basic issue of survival.

In 2010, JPR’s survey showed that 72% of British Jews self-categorise as “Zionist”.

If Zionists are “the most hateful people imaginable” then surely Zionists, as well as Israel, ought to be boycotted? Hell, Zionists probably deserve a good kicking also. After all, who ever complained when neo-Nazi skinheads get assaulted?

So, if you dehumanise and demonise Zionists there will be an antisemitic outcome.

Nobody asks Jewish victims a survey about Zionism before hitting them over the head, or trying to burn down their synagogue, or trying to murder children at a Jewish Primary school. (Indeed, this is why the anti-Zionist leftists have nothing to say about any of this, not even when it comes down to dead children.)

The boycott article also states

 The Palestinian people are undergoing a slow-motion genocide courtesy of Israel.

“Slow-motion genocide” might be amusingly ludicrous were it not so gravely serious: in its perversion of morality and fact; in its sickening resonance with the reality of Zionism as a response to Jews having faced a real, fast-motion, genocide; in its disgusting implication that 72% of British Jews are supporters of genocide.

In support of all this, the article references opposition to a demonstration against Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman. Of course, there is no mention of the many Zionist voices in Britain and elsewhere that vociferously criticise Lieberman: to acknowledge that would be to impute some humanity to Zionists. It would undermine the inflammatory and hateful statements that Zionists (without any distinction) are “the most hateful people imaginable”, with their implied support for a genocide of Palestinians.   

In referencing the Lieberman demonstration, there is a link to another article. The subtitle to this one is:

In the Belly of the Beast with Mad, Brainwashed, Zionist Crazies 

“The Beast” in question is Hendon, a dull North London suburb that is home to a large Jewish community. This is how the boycotters talk of normal Jewish neighbourhoods.

“Mad, Brainwashed, Zionist Crazies” is how the boycotters talk about people who turned out to oppose an anti-Israel demonstration in the midst of their Jewish neighbourhood. The organisers of this opposition have condemned the handful of people who stupidly support the racist Kach movement. Again, such distinctions are ignored by the anti-Israel boycotters, the haters of any and all Zionists. 

According to this same article, the Belly of the Hendon Beast protestors were “rich, Zionist kids”. Hendon does have some nice houses, but it also has its fair share of council tower blocks and estates. Calling the demonstrators “rich, Zionist kids” is another sneer, another spit of contempt, with a hint of rich Jew chucked in for ugly measure. 

Arch critic of Israel, Norman Finkelstein, alarmed his boycott Israel movement admirers when he backed what its opponents have said for years: that the boycott aims for the total destruction of Israel, nothing less. He may, however, not have been plain enough, because the brutal language of these boycotters is surely a demand for the total destruction of Zionism in all of its (supposed) forms; and with all of the inevitable impacts upon Jews.  

Finally, if Emma Thompson and the other luvvies who back a culture boycott against Israel want to be in the same camp as these haters, then that is their choice, but these kind of scripts will encourage antisemitism. Jews may be hated for being Zionists, rather than for ‘merely’ being Jews, but they will be hated and attacked all the same, because that is how such filth works.

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