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Antisemitic football tweets

9 May 2013

Last night Tottenham Hotspur played Chelsea in a Premier League football match. As is sadly often the case, antisemitic abuse was directed at Spurs both online and at the match itself.

James Masters, a sports writer, has done sterling work in collecting examples of antisemitic tweets relating to last night's game on his twitter timeline. You can read some of these tweets below (not all of the tweets below are antisemitic; some are from people criticising the antisemitic tweets).

A word of warning: some contain foul and offensive language as well as vile antisemitism. We do not publish such language lightly on the CST blog.

We have shared all the material below with football's anti-racist body, Kick It Out, and we will report the antisemitic tweets to the Police.

One of the tweets tells of a chant heard from Chelsea fans at the match, that went: "Adolf Hitler, he's coming for you". Another tells of seeing a Chelsea fan arrested at a station after the match for singing "Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz". Other antisemitic comments are made by fans on twitter itself. Some involve antisemitic abuse directed at Spurs; in others, Chelsea fans direct antisemitism at their own Israeli player, Yossi Benayoun.

Spurs tweets 1

Spurs tweets 2

Spurs tweets 3

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