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Truth Movement - "Stupidest People on the Planet"??

9 December 2013

A new self-defined  "Truth Movement" is trying to emerge from a recent "Seek Speak Spread Truth Conference" in Central London. Youtube footage shows a bizarre gathering of New Agers, antisemites and anti-Zionsts. It is hard to tell if such conspiracy-obsessives merit pity or outrage. Whatever, they hope to make this a regular event.

The dominant personality appears to have been Gilad Atzmon: an ex-Israeli whom even anti-Zionist groups claim is antisemitic. His performance is below, in full. (Forthcoming CST Blog will analyse the speech in more detail.)  

Atzmon concluded (at 1hr.06min.35sec):

The people who are mobilising the resistance in the current Jewy world are the most stupid people on this planet...they don’t stand a chance.

Leaving aside "current Jewy world",  was Atzmon insulting his hosts as "the most stupid people on this planet"? Who knows.   

The main conference organiser was Tahra Ahmed, who did all this because she just knew that 9/11 smelled funny. (See her brief welcome speech here, on 9/11, Palestine, Syria, and "the truth, what I felt, what I knew in my heart".)

Tahra Ahmed also sniffs Truth about the Holocaust, claiming on facebook that “the number of Jews who died during WWII is greatly exaggerated”. She wants to know “WHY?????”. Also, “WHO” is hiding the killing of “SIXTY SIX MILLION Russian Christians”? What are the “REAL HISTORICAL FACTS”? Why was she "completely conditioned"?:

Tahra Ahmed 66,000,000

The conference footage suggests she never asked her burning question. Nevertheless, with all the conference's talk of “Jewish power” and “Zionists” in this "Jewy world", she may have sussed it.

The conference lasted all day. Much of it is on youtube and is compellingly wretched viewing. To sum it up, try watching about five minutes of the above Atzmon video, starting at 57min.18sec. See the audience mentioning freemasons, George Soros, horned G-ds and "the Illuminati...masters of everything". Atzmon's reply includes "Jewish concealment", the Holocaust and Paul Eisen (author of My Life as a HolocaustDenier).

Alternatively, the speech by Les Visible.

Who can he be speaking about at 01:10?:

 ...A particular group of people. A crime syndicate masquerading as a nation over in the Middle East. They put it together as a country so they could have a sovereign autonomy in a location to commit international crime. This is what they do. [Applause]

At 29.30, Atzmon's pal Ken O'Keeefe praises Visible's speech and asks him about atheism. The reply: 

Atheism is a product of the same people who brought you Zionism. Go into who is running the show and you’ll see ho, ho, ho, all tribe members. Go to every alternative sexual organisation, they’re almost exclusively tribe members. And why...they want to destroy the family unit...as a political hammer...This atheism, this ain’t accidental, they’re doing this on purpose...I assure you there is a G-d. I have met him/her...

Or, there is the speech by Kevin Schot.

From 03.10 he explains how, when Berlin fell in 1945, the richest families magically fled to Sweden, and...emm...(03:49) apropos of nothing at all:

I’m guessing its something to do with the Zionist lobby, I don’t know...

Gill Kaffash is another.

At 26:20 she shows a Paul Eisen related appeal, “Jews and Money” and asks for reactions. Atzmon answers, “I feel at home”; someone else says “highly connected...Goldman Sachs”; another says “every chairman of the Federal Reserve Board”; and at 27:26, another reply:

I think its connecting the dots. Jews and money...connected via cash, right back, centuries ago.

Bringing this back to the organiser, Tahra Ahmed. Well, she wanted to know how the world really works and:

tahra ahmed jugular of jewish power

went for the jugular of Jewish power

These may well be some of “the most stupid people on the planet”, but this new Truth Movement echoes some very old and enduring falsehoods.

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