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Horror show from Dieudonne. A must watch for FA, West Brom etc.

10 January 2014

As we wait for the Football Association to take action (or not) against Nicolas Anelka, let us get to the core of the antisemitic horror show that is Anelka's chum, Dieudonne.

This is it, below. Two minutes of obscenity in which Dieudonne takes a catchy French TV kids song and inserts the words Shoah and ananas. This is Dieudonne's theme song, as available on youtube:

You can also hear the song here, played at the end of one of his shows - note the size and composition of the audience, their adulation and how a handful of their quenelles turn into sieg heils. (Anelka's quenelle, of course, did not.)

Perplexed? Don't be:

  • Shoah is the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.
  • Ananas is French (and Hebrew) for pineapple.
  • During World War Two, six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their European supporters: this is the Shoah. Zyklon B was one of the killing methods. (Check the juice carton in the above video image.)
  • After the Shoah, Jews got a state, Israel; and Europe finally deemed racism, including antisemitism, to be unacceptable.
  • For antisemites to succeed, the Shoah must be defeated. Anything will do: calling Jews 'Nazis'; calling Israel Nazi Germany; denying the Shoah ever happened; ridiculing the victims and the meaning of the Shoah - for both Jews and the rest of humanity.

Dieudonne takes the last of these options. It is what you are seeing in the video.

Did you notice the man in a pale suit carrying a pineapple (at 1min 06sec). He also has a large yellow star pinned to him. This apes the star worn by Jews, so they could be identified by Nazis and murdered by them. The man is Jacky. He is Dieudonne's on-stage idiot. Please, take the time to see him with his yellow star and pineapple, at 4min 40sec, in this video here (in which Dieudonne explains his Shoah-pineapple song).

Finally, if you are neither the FA nor West Brom and cannot, therefore, persuade Nicolas Anelka to translate the actual song, here it is in English:

Shoah pineapple, sho sho sho pineapple, you take me by the shoah, I take you by the pineapple, Shoah pineapple.

We mustn’t forget. There’s a way to make money. Sho sho sho pineapple.

Shoah pineapple, shoah apricot. Shoah anise, shoah maggot, shoah artichoke. Shoah strawberry, shoah ice cream. Shoah chocolate. Shoah.

Shoah pineapple, sho sho sho pineapple. You take me by the shoah, I’ll take you by the pineapple, sho sho sho pineapple.

Darling pineapple I’ll never forget you. You’ve suffered so much. And for everything that you’ve suffered we want to give you reparations. We want you to be given a country in the sun, and millions of dollars for the millions of pineapples that were deported: for the millions of pineapples who lost their families let’s sing forever. Sho sho sho pineapple.

Now do you get it? The Shoah is a ridiculous joke that Jews profit from. Jews are pineapples. Today's Jews are pineapples. Jewish Holocaust victims are pineapples. Free yourselves by ridiculing Jews and the Shoah.

Imagine such a song about black people and slavery.

Dieudonne is an antisemite. We await action from the FA and West Brom.

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