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Shooting at Jewish Museum in Brussels

24 May 2014

At least three people are believed to have been killed in a shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

There are numerous media reports concerning the attack, but precise details remain unconfirmed.

Due to the location of the shooting, CST has to work on the basis that this shooting may be a case of antisemitic terrorism rather than a criminal incident.

CST is in close contact with Police and with the Belgian Jewish community and our thoughts are with those who were killed and injured in the shooting and with their families.

There is no evidence to suggest a specific threat to UK Jews arising from this incident. CST requests that all UK Jewish venues and events should continue to function as normal whilst ensuring that security measures are strictly implemented.

The Jewish Museum in London will be open as usual and full details regarding opening times can be found on their website.

CST has produced a Security Bulletin containing security advice that can be downloaded and displayed at communal locations.

Please follow the instructions of the Security Officers at any communal venues and events that you attend and we thank you for your support and cooperation at this time.

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