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Paris Kosher grocery terror attack - latest CST statement

9 January 2015

Media reports indicate that hostages have been taken at a kosher grocery store in Paris, and that there may well be casualties in the incident. This follows the murder of a Police officer in Paris yesterday and the deadly terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office on Wednesday.

There is currently no known link to the UK, but CST is in continuing contact with Police and Government, and there will be increased policing in Jewish neighbourhoods for this weekend’s Sabbath. CST will also increase its own security at synagogues, and has issued advisory notices to all Jewish community venues and their security officers.

CST extends its deepest sympathies to all those affected by this week’s tragic events in France.

These attacks are a dreadful reminder of the deadly threat that terrorism poses today. Jews are repeatedly included amongst the targets of Jihadist terrorism and this is why CST has been on its second highest level of alert for a number of years now, with the highest level being reserved for when an actual attack against British Jews has occurred, or is known to imminent.

The level of threat and our alert status is why CST’s staff and volunteers do their work. It is why we have partnered with hundreds of UK Jewish community organisations in recent years to install over £5 million worth of security measures wherever possible. It is blatantly obvious that these threats will not diminish anytime soon and all decent people must work together in confronting the harsh reality of Jihadist terror.

CST encourages British Jews to report any suspicious activity and antisemitic incidents as soon as possible to CST and Police. In an emergency, Police should be contacted immediately on 999.

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For security advice or assistance please call your local CST office:

  • London & southern regions: 0208 457 9999
  • Manchester & northern regions: 0161 792 6666

CST 24/7 emergency numbers:

  • London & southern regions: 0800 032 3263
  • Manchester & northern regions: 0800 980 0668

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