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Potential UK impact of violence in Israel

14 October 2015

CST is monitoring current developments in Israel and how these may impact here in Britain. We are in close contact with our Jewish communal partners; CST security officers and commercial security guarding companies; local and national Police; and relevant Government departments.

At the time of writing (14 October / 1 Cheshvan), CST has not seen a significant rise in UK antisemitic incident levels.

CST urges our community to continue leading its life to the full and to comply with all security measures as and when requested. In particular, we ask that visitors to communal events and buildings disperse quickly on departure.

The need for security compliance is based on our past experience of the link between overseas events and antisemitic incidents here in Britain. The current situation has seen a steady escalation in aggressive rhetoric on social media, including blatant threats of violence against Jews beyond Israel.

For these reasons, we ask our community to support and cooperate with security measures. Antisemitic incidents and cases of suspicious activity should be reported to CST, Police or security personnel. In an emergency, always call Police on 999.

Security Reminders

CST continues to ask members of the community to:

  • Be alert for suspicious people and activities including parked cars and unattended items
  • Challenge (if it is safe to do so) and report suspicious people
  • Prevent members of the community congregating outside communal buildings and events
  • Volunteer for security rotas at communal buildings – security is everybody’s responsibility

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