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New publication: Iran & Hizbollah’s global terrorism

16 July 2019

Today, CST has published a new report, 'Iran & Hizbollah’s global terrorism: patterns and methods'. Iran and Hizbollah's operations have been a security concern long before al-Qaeda, ISIS and other Salafi-Jihadis started attacking diaspora Jewish communities. Hizbollah and Iran possess international terrorist capabilities, and they continue to pose a viable threat to their primary targets: Iranian dissidents living abroad, diaspora Jewish communities and Israeli interests worldwide. Both Iran and Hizbollah operate globally and have a history of engaging in covert terrorist activities and criminal endeavours. In fact, the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division assessed that Hizbollah “possesses a vibrant global network with cells operating on five continents”, including networks and terrorist infrastructures in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and elsewhere around the globe.

In June 2019, the Sunday Telegraph reported that the UK authorities had foiled the stockpiling of explosives, by Hizbollah, in London in the autumn of 2015. The cell had reportedly stockpiled three tonnes of ammonium nitrate in north west London but was at a pre-planning stage, with no targets having been selected. Despite no official confirmation regarding the details of these claims, the implications are clear: Hizbollah remains a security threat. For over 30 years, from the 1980s to the present, Hizbollah and Iran have been linked to numerous terrorist attacks and plots worldwide, including an historic nexus to the UK. Hizbollah and Iran are also linked to at least 50 incidents relating to the targeting of, and gathering information on, Jewish communities and Israelis abroad. In fact, 18 July 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the bombing at the AMIA Jewish community centre in Argentina (1994) and the 7th anniversary of the bus bombing in Bulgaria (2012). No information suggests that Hizbollah’s reported 2015 operation in the UK considered these types of targets. But if accurate, the alleged operation is another example that demonstrates the extent and nature of Hizbollah and Iran’s global capabilities. This briefing provides some essential context of their international modus operandi.

You can download a full copy of 'Iran & Hizbollah’s global terrorism: patterns and methods'.

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