Antisemitic Discourse Report 2018

30 Dec 2019 by CST

CST’s Antisemitic Discourse Report covering 2018 is released today. Its study of the Labour antisemitism controversy is a timely reminder of the weight of offence that caused the Jewish communal leadership to hold the unprecedented Enough is Enough demonstration in March last year; and what subsequently caused Labour to be formally accused of institutional antisemitism. Given the Discourse Report’s content, it is somewhat ironic that it had to be delayed due to the 2019 General Election being called, as publication would have risked CST breaking electoral and charitable guidelines

Antisemitic Discourse means antisemitism that occurs in politics, media, sport and other public settings. CST’s report covers both actual antisemitism and issues that impact on it and British Jews. The 2018 report goes well beyond the Labour antisemitism controversy. Other sections include antisemitism from other political parties and in the Brexit debate, university campuses; social media, football, Gilad Atzmon, Katie Hopkins and Baroness Jenny Tonge. The report also includes polling information on antisemitism and summaries of initiatives that opposed antisemitism during the year.    

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Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
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