Regular joint Police and CST patrols in Hertsmere

7 Sep 2018 by CST

This press release was originally published by Hertfordshire Constabulary on 6 September 2018:

Police officers and PCSOs have been working closely with Community Security Trust (CST) to prevent antisemitic hate crime and provide community reassurance in Hertsmere.

“We introduced these joint uniformed patrols working closely with the CST to prevent antisemitic hate crime and hate incidents as Hertsmere’s Jewish population is now one of the largest in the UK,” said Hertsmere Chief Inspector Steve O’Keeffe. 

Police patrol Jewish schools and Synagogues across Hertsmere daily, with joint patrols with CST taking place every Saturday. Enhanced joint patrols take place during Jewish festivals and the High Holy Days in September and October. Other police forces run similar patrols during High Holy Days. “But we are unique in Hertsmere as we run the joint patrols consistently throughout the year,” explained CI O’Keeffe.

CI O’Keeffe said:

“There is no specific threat in Hertsmere against the Jewish community, in fact we only had 13 incidents during 2017, which were mostly naming calling by young people on young people. However, it is important that we respond to community concerns by providing regular, dedicated patrols at key locations, we hope to prevent antisemitism from occurring and reduce concerns about potential terrorist activity. The initiative has been running since May 2017, so it is now embedded into daily routine police patrols.”

David S Delew, CST Chief Executive, said:

“I am grateful for the close working partnership between CST and Hertfordshire Constabulary, dedicated to tackling and preventing antisemitism and terror activity in the area. The ongoing joint Police and CST patrols in Hertsmere are an excellent example of how we are working together to protect our Jewish community.”

CI O’Keeffe added:

“We really value the support of uniformed CST volunteers who patrol alongside our officers providing advice around religious considerations and help improve our community engagement. Feedback from the Jewish community has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Chief Superintendent Matt Nicholls from the Local Policing Command added:

“I have been monitoring this initiative which has proved successful over the past 16 months.  It has helped improve community engagement with the Jewish community, who sometimes feel vulnerable.  I’d like to praise the excellent joint partnership between CST and Hertsmere Police, led by Chief Inspector Steve O’Keeffe.”

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Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM
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