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16 Jun 2009 by CST

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) thinks it has found more evidence of Zionist influenceat the heart of government:

MPACUK is disappointed but not surprised at Gordon Brown’s decision to appoint Ivan Lewis as Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East.

Mr Lewis is an out-and-out Zionist and one of the most vocal supporters of Israel's military assault on Gaza.

But these types of appointments will not stop until British Muslims get involved in the democratic process.

The article MPAC links to, from the Redress website, provides a detailed analysis of Ivan Lewis’s credentials as an “out-and-out Zionist”, one of which is this:

Mr Lewis is also a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust, a body founded in 1988 by British pro-Israel lobbyists Greville Janner and Merlyn Rees with the aim of maintaining a culture of gentile guilt and Jewish victimhood in British schools.

Most people would be wary of linking to an article that characterises Holocaust education in this way. Perhaps MPAC simply didn’t read the full Redress article; but they do have a history of linking to websites of a sort that would nod vigorously at the idea of Holocaust education being a scam to induce “gentile guilt”.

Redress describes itself as an organisation “dedicated to exposing injustice, disinformation and bigotry, and to providing thought-provoking interpretations of current affairs”. One recent thought-provoking interpretation of current affairs offered by Redress came in this article, titled “Who are the Jews?”:

In view of their support of Israel’s murderous behaviour it is legitimate to ask exactly who the Jews are. What is their world-view and what can we predict of them? To what extent do Jews and those with immediate Jewish ancestry who are at the heart of our government influence the UK in supporting Israel both politically as in United Nations votes and in actions contrary to international law such as the Iraq invasion? David Milliband, our current foreign minister, Jack Straw, our foreign minister who made the case for war to the United Nations, Lord Levy, Anthony Blair’s paymaster as well as other Jewish members of Parliament come to mind.

This article certainly exposes bigotry; although perhaps not in the way that Redress had in mind.

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