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Lee Barnes: Execute Zionist filth

16 September 2009

The BNP's legal officer Lee Barnes has a new post on his blog in which he tries to explain the difference between Zionism and Israeli nationalism, and it's fair to say he is a little confused:

We are for Israeli Nationalism - and against Zionism.

Some might say that they are one and the same - but Barnes explains:

Israel is not the problem - the problem are the Zionist scum in the UK and US who serve the interests of Israel whilst pretending to be British and American.

Ah - the old 'dual loyalty' charge again. This, remember, from the man who regurgitated Hitler's explanation that the Second World War was all the fault of Jewish Bolsheviks. And what should be done with these deceiving Zionists?

The Zionist filth in the UK, of all races and religions, who serve the interests of the Zionists in Israel are simply traitors and must either be deported, jailed or executed if they have aided Israeli Zionists in such a way as to damage the national security interests of the UK.

Barnes ties himself in further knots in the comments to his own post, when it is pointed out to him that Israeli nationalism and Zionism are in fact the same thing. He replies by trying to prove that Zionism is in fact National Socialism - a comparison that is more commonly found on the far left than the far right - and then goes on to explain:

[Zionism] Is supra-national in regards to its reach - nationalists are nationalists who live and act in the nationalist context both politically and usually geographically (except for diplomats, army abroad on postings etc ), but Zionists have agents in every nation with dual loyalties or simply loyalty to Israel - so they are not nationalists. You cannot be a British Citizen and have loyalty to the goals of Zionism or the nation of Israel. You must have loyalty solely to Britain.


A Zionist wants to destroy the present nation state of Israel and create a Greater Israel, sees Israel as a nation solely for the Jewish Chosen People defined by race and who seeks to dominate the political, economic and media systems of the United States, UK, the Middle East and Palestine and to use the UK and other nations to serve the interests of Zionist Greater Israel and its fascist state security system.

So Zionism - according to Lee Barnes of the BNP - is a supra-national system, with hidden agents in every country, which seeks political, economic and media control of those countries to serve its malevolent purposes. This  is a very familiar conspiracy theory.

Barnes is not the first to think that you can swap "Zionist" for "Jew", say that Zionists can be "of all races and religions", and then talk about Zionists in exactly the same way that antisemites describe Jews. It doesn't work: it's still antisemitic.

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