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Nick Griffin: Bluffer’s Guide to Selling the BNP

20 October 2009

There was a time when nobody really doubted that Nick Griffin meant what he said. At this time, hardly anybody voted for him and nobody invited him on Question Time. Then, Griffin changed his sales pitch, the votes gradually rolled in, and an invite to Question Time followed.

Ironically, it was the BBC that had initially brought Griffin’s new sales pitch to public notice in a Panorama entitled, “Under the skin of the BNP”. The programme, broadcast on 25 November 2001, included secret filming of Griffin speaking in April 2000 at a private meeting of the American Friends of the BNP in Texas. This was the footage:


Sitting alongside Nick Griffin is David Duke, former head of the (American) Ku Klux Klan. Needless to say, Duke is wearing a suit, not a bed sheet and pointy hat; no black people were lynched from the nearest tree; and no fire alarms were set off by burning crosses.

Griffin stressed that his audience should not be concerned by the new sales pitch (emphases added by author):

There is a difference between selling out your ideas and selling your ideas. The BNP isn’t about selling out its ideas, which are your ideas too.

This is how he would sell them:

But we are determined, now, to sell them, and that means basically to use the saleable words, as I say: freedom, security, identity, democracy.

Griffin stressed the saleability of freedom, security, identity, democracy:

Nobody can criticise them. Nobody can come at you and attack you on those ideas. They are saleable.

Then, having built the platform, who knows what else could be accomplished:

Perhaps one day, once, by being rather more subtle, we’ve got ourselves in a position where we control the British broadcast media; then perhaps one day the British people might change their mind and say ‘yes, every last one must go’. Perhaps they will one day, but if you want that out as your sole aim to start with: you’re going to get absolutely nowhere, so instead of talking about racial purity, you talk aboutidentity…    

Almost ten years later, Griffin remains true to his word. The American Friends of the BNP and their KKK chums may miss the good old days when a white man could speak his mind, but Griffin has certainly not suffered the death of a salesman. On the contrary, he now answers the same old (but highly pertinent) questions with a bluffer’s guide routine that both sells the party’s message, and tries to whitewash it at the same time.

The guiding principles to this bluffer’s guide are as follows:

  •    Remember, its not “racial purity” you idiot, its identity. Trevor MacDonald can read the news and Ashley Cole can play for England because they are “civically British”. They are not, however, “ethnically indigenous Brits”. If they were: what would we call white English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh? They would lose their identity. You can’t have a white ethnically indigenous Pakistani, so why have it vice versa?
  •    Every time you are accused of racism, return to the “Rights for Whites” principle that BNP skinheads used to wave on placards in the 1990s: but don’t be a placard waving skinhead. Grow your hair, wear a suit, and remember to say “freedom” and “democracy”. Whites are as entitled as everybody else to have someone who stands up for them. Give white people equal representative rights in our multicultural Britain: rights that everyone else has, except for whites, who are at the bottom of the heap.  
  •    Try not to blame the little man for anything. Instead, blame ‘the Establishment’ politicians and media for removing our freedom, destroying our democracy, and eroding our identity. It is ‘The Establishment’ (or ‘The Elite’) who have failed Britain and its population (of all colours). Only the BNP will stand up for the public against The Establishment.
  •    If in doubt: deny it. (Note to self: unless it’s the Holocaust). Alternatively, say that you have been misunderstood or taken out of context. React as if you’ve heard the claim a million times before, and blame an enemy for it. Alternatively, “youthful misjudgement” is always there as a fallback, as is pointing at Peter Hain, or citing Winston Churchill.   

Next, some excerpts from the bluffer’s guide. These all derive from Griffin’s performances in numerous TV, radio and newspaper interviews:

Question: The BNP is Racist

Sales Pitch:

It's not a matter of racism, someone has to stand up for the indigenous English, Scots, Irish, Welsh. We provide a safe, political outlet for their frustrations.

Every other group in UK society has representatives: except the whites. That’s the fault of the political elites, not the BNP. If whites don’t have representative bodies, then that’s racism. You have the Black Police Officers Association don’t you?

All groups in society want to preserve their identity, customs, way of life. Why shouldn’t white Britons think the same?

Only 10% of BNP manifesto is on race, so its hardly an obsession for BNP: although it is what our enemies obsess about.

We respect the rights of everybody, regardless of colour.

Nobody blames immigrants for wanting what’s best for their families. They came here because they wanted to part of the old Britain that the Establishment is destroying.

Sick Gurkhas can come here for treatment. Other non-white war veterans who have fought for Britain need taken on a case by case basis. There needs to be a limit somewhere.

Question: Compulsory Repatriation

Sales Pitch:

BNP does not back compulsory repatriation. It is impossible to do it.

BNP supports ‘voluntary assisted resettlement’, as have British governments since 1972.

If I am on record as having backed repatriation, it is only because I had to do it because it was the party position, and I wasn’t yet leader.

Question: Immigration

Sales Pitch:

The Establishment never asked the British people if they wanted immigration.

To preserve Britain as British, stop immigration now. Make it possible for non-whites who want to leave, to do so.

If immigrants are law abiding, contribute to society, and don’t try to make us change our ways then they can stay. If  not, they can leave.

Britain is the most crowded country in Europe. There must be a limit.  

We do not object to Asians: Muslims are the problem. Muslims attack non-whites as well as whites. 

I didn’t just say sink immigrant boats, I said sink them safely near where they came from. It’s the Establishment who are killing thousands of immigrants by failing to warn them against the journey. 

Monoethnic or monoracial countries are far more stable than multiethnic or multiracial countries. Multiracial societies end in tyranny, as that’s the only way to sustain them. Far easier to preserve human rights and freedom in monoracial environment. If necessary, peace lines needed like in Belfast: preferable to race riots and burnt out houses.

Apartheid South Africa was disgusting, white people shouldn’t use black people to do their dirty work. It’s wrong for one part of society to have all the rights, and the other part to have none. That’s why BNP does its job: not because of the immigrants, but because of the ruling elites.   

Question: Islamophobia

Sales Pitch:

We don’t hate Muslims, but “Islam and our society don't mix”.  

I am only telling the truth. I don’t hate Muslims, but Islam is close to being undefeatable in Europe due to demography alone. Our culture will disappear: everything from beer to women’s clothing. Christianity, science, freedom of speech: all antithetical to radical Islam.

Islam is not based upon race. How can criticising Islam be racist?

Islam is a political system. How can you be barred from criticising it?

Incitement to religious hatred legislation was opposed by many celebrities. Are you calling them racist?

If I could help a Muslim constituent then I would: but the Labour Party is especially good on Muslim rights, so I’d advise them to try there first.

I have only said that Muslim shops should be boycotted in context of advocating peaceful responses to Muslim attacks on pubs etc.

Question: You said Islam is Wicked

Sales Pitch:

It is. Islam oppresses women. It puts women down, 50% of the population. It stones rape victims to death. I have three daughters, and Islam’s attitude to women disgusts me.

Question: Antisemitism

Sales Pitch:

Jews and nationalists need to put the past behind them. BNP has Jewish members and a Jewish councillor.

Jews and whites need to co-operate or neither will survive. Israel is a western state that is doomed by demography. We don’t want to see millions of Jewish Israeli boat people arriving in UK.

For not being an antisemite, for backing Israel: I am threatened by others on the far right. 

Question: Is There a Jewish Conspiracy

Jews are involved in many things, from media to politics. I was told, and believed, that their leading presence in anti-white policies pointed to a conspiracy, but I was wrong. There is no conspiracy. Its just that Jews are unusually successful (and therefore over-represented in such fields) due to their accumulated intellect, strong identity etc. I don’t blame all Jews for that, just as Jews don’t blame all Christians for what Crusaders did to them.

Antisemitism is stupid.

(Note to self: when necessary, replace “Jewish” with “Zionist”).

Question: On Holocaust Denial

Sales Pitch:

(Note to self: try not to get angry that this one keeps coming up).

I can’t answer the question in detail because it is illegal for me to say what I previously said about the Holocaust. Some lawyers are facing arrest warrants because they explained their client’s position. 

I criticise historical perspective and abuse of the Holocaust for the same reason as other nationalists: because liberal elite uses it as giant stick against expressions of concern about immigration.

No, of course I don’t deny the Holocaust. One of the worst crimes of the dreadful 20th Century. Millions of Jews were murdered by Nazis and their allies.

(Note to self: no particular need to mention gas chambers here).

BNP Break the Law

Sales Pitch:

Only when the law is an ass: and doesn’t everyone break the law when it’s an ass.

If someone is lying and trouble making then of course deal with it by law: but not if someone is telling the truth. I would gladly be prosecuted for telling the truth.  

Question: The BNP is Violent

Sales Pitch:

The opposite is true. Violent neo-Nazi thugs like Combat 18 threaten me, precisely because I argue against violence.

BNP is anti-violent because it offers a peaceful, political outlet for deeply felt frustrations that could otherwise spill over into violence.

BNP actually suffers violence. Members (including pensioners) have suffered violent attack. Nobody ever condemns that. Nobody ever exposes it in the media. BNP supporters are continually threatened by opponents and face public intimidation by local and mass media.

When I said “boot and fist” I meant it as self-defence. We haven’t been into that for about ten years.

Undercover TV programme makers and undercover agents incite BNP members to be violent. There are thousands of BNP members: but only a very tiny percentage rise to the (very well funded) provocateurs’ bait. 

BNP expels violent members. I unreservedly condemn violence by BNP members. (Unless there are supposed extenuating circumstances). I am happy to apologise to victims of such violence.   

Question: The BNP is Fascist

Sales Pitch:

The BNP is anti-fascist. We oppose violence and the supremacy of the state. It is fascism when our enemies threaten us with violence that is backed by the main parties.

We are against Islamofascism.

We are whistleblowers against the fascistic imposition of the European Union super-state and the removal of the Magna Carta.


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