The bishop; Holocaust denial & immoral filth

27 Oct 2009 by CST

The extremist British bishop, Richard Williamson, has been found guilty by a German court of denying the Holocaust. He faces a 12,000 Euro fine, but is likely to appeal.  

I have worked at CST for many years. During that time, I have always found Holocaust denial to be the most upsetting form of antisemitic discourse. Words are not adequate to express the immorality of this filth.

When I hear or think about Mahmoud Ahmedinejad I am seared by the notion that he denies and mocks the Holocaust because he wants to repeat it, and is developing the means to do so.

At the other end of the scale to Ahmedinejad, you have the bumptious pomposity of David Irving and Nick Griffin doing their denial waltzes  (eg Griffin on Question Time spinning obfuscations about European law, and "radio transcripts"); and their geek of the week chum, Fred Leuchter, who is about as frightening as a garden gnome with NHS spectacles on. 

And then, there is the British bishop, Richard Williamson. Member of an extreme Catholic splinter group that intersected Griffin's path when the BNP leader was mired in his own extremist splinter group, the International Third Position. Williamson also denies the Holocaust, and uses Leuchter's fraudulent reports to do so.

As with Ahmedinejad, and unlike Irving and Griffin, I have an extreme visceral reaction to Williamson. I have tried to rationalise why this is, but I cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion.

The television interview for which Germany convicted Williamson is here on youtube. (Regrettably, but not surprisingly, it appears to have been posted by Holocaust deniers). Watch the interview, and see if you react to it as I do.

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