Dispatches and the "pro-Israel lobby": update

14 Nov 2009 by CST

On Thursday we expressed our concern at the language used by Channel 4 to promote their forthcoming episode of Dispatches, Inside Britain's Israel Lobby, which we believe will look at CST amongst other organisations. Our fear was that by emphasising the supposed hidden power and influence of the "pro-Israel lobby" over politicians and the media, and promising to expose "the wealthy individuals who help bankroll the lobbying", Dispatches was unwittingly playing up to antisemitic stereotypes.

Since then, the latest comments posted on the Dispatches website further underline the reason for our fears:

Good. We want our country back. The agents of a foreign power embedded at all levels of our government and politics need flushing out. They are a menace to our foreign policy, security and reputation abroad. I hope this programme isn't 'pulled' at the last minute due to overwhelming pressure from the usual suspect. If it does what it should do, some very big names are going to be shamed, and not before time.

This is remarkable. We have tried for years to have this shadowy support mechanism for Israel exposed. Please do not allow this programme to be pulled. Please do a proper expose of all aspects. It isn't just the media and MPs this monster controls, it also has a mechanism to attack any individuals who oppose Israel, in any way.

Let's see the hand of global Zionism at work. Please do keep and show ALL the information and don't fall for the old accusations of racism when doing programmes like this, to marr any unpleasant truths that may be found.

It is disgraceful that C4 is intending to expose the pro-Israel lobby.Surely it is a signatory to the "National Press & TV Zionist Agreement", which stipulates in paragraph one: "Thou shalt not print nor broadcast any reference to the undemocratic control by the agents of Israel over the House of Commons &/or the House of Lords."

Each one of these comments is from a different  poster, but there is a very obvious common theme: foreign agents hidden within the corridors of power; a monster controlling MPs, the media and both houses of Parliament; and that old favourite, "global Zionism".

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