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Race hate thugs convicted in Manchester

9 February 2010

From the Manchester Evening News:

A mother and son carried out a series of racist attacks on Jewish people by driving past shouting abuse and spraying them with liquid.

Dean Parker, 22, and his mum Shameem Parker spent two days driving around the Broughton area of Salford targeting members of the Jewish community – including children.

The pair were in a Fiat Doblo driven by Barry Clark-Millar, when the incidents happened between 8 and 10 June last year.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Dean Parker pleaded guilty to eight charges of racially aggravated common assault.

Clark-Millar, 52, pleaded guilty to eight charges of the same offence.

Parker's mother, Shameem, 52, admitted one charge.

The Crown Prosecution Service is now to seek anti-social behaviour orders against all three.

The Parkers, of Valencia Road, Salford, and Clark-Millar, from Dundee, were due to be sentenced yesterday but the case was adjourned until March after Shameem Parker was taken ill in the foyer of the court.

The court was told she had been examined by paramedics who advised that she had high blood pressure and needed to be in hospital.

Louis Rapaport, a Jewish representative on Greater Manchester’s CPS Community Involvement Panel, said: “The Jewish community – like any other community – must be free to live their lives without fear of verbal or physical attack.

“It is important that the CPS and other agencies are taking positive steps in the right direction to combat ant-semitism whenever and wherever it arises.”

Jill Yates, Salford Divisional Crown Prosecutor, said: “The CPS treat hate crime extremely seriously. The behaviour of these three was completely unacceptable. With the new Community Prosecutor Initiative we are placing the community's concerns are the heart of our decision making process.”

Superintendent David Wilkinson from GMP's Salford Division said: "The court case proves that we do not tolerate anti-semitic behaviour within Salford and that we are determined to bring such offenders to justice.

“We work closely with our partners at the CST to bring reassurance to the community, especially around the High Holy Days. We've introduced a number of third party hate crime reporting centres to give all communities across Salford the confidence and opportunity to report this type of incident.

“We recognise that there will be an increase in reporting as people become more confident in contacting police.  This is essential to assist us in eradicating hate crime across the city."

Dean Parker

Dean Parker

Shameen Parker

Shameen Parker

Barry Clarke-Miller

Barry Clarke-Millar

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