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Teenager in court for 'white supremacist plot'

15 April 2010

The trial began yesterday of Nicky Davison, who is accused of belonging to a secret white supremacist gang who plotted to overthrow the government, as they believed it was controlled by Jews. Davison's father, Ian Davison, has already pleaded guilty to six charges of terrorist-related offences, including producing the poison ricin.

According to the Northern Echo:

Nicky Davison, 19, a former milkman’s assistant, is accused of being a founder of the Aryan Strike Force, a farright group set up by his father, Ian, 41.

The aim of the group was to carry out operations and topple the Government, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Members held paramilitary training and posted a video of a pipe bomb produced by one of its members on a website.

The hearing was told that it had also produced deadly poison ricin.

A jury was told the teenager’s father has already admitted six charges, including producing ricin.

Anthony Edis QC, prosecuting, said: “Nicky Davison was involved with other people, including his father, Ian Davison, with a group who called themselves the Aryan Strike Force.

“He was associated with a group who were preparing, in their own language, for ops, in other words paramilitary activity.”

He said The Aryan Strike Force website was set up to advance the aims of white supremacists, and added: “They are fighting against the Government, because their theory is that the Government has been taken over by Jews and therefore it must be resisted.”

 The Times adds:

Police also discovered copies of The Anarchist’s Cookbook and the Mujahideen Explosives Handbook, along with several other digitalised manuals on a computer at the home Nicky Davison shared with his mother and younger brother in Co Durham.

The teenager is accused of helping to maintain the Aryan Strike Force website, which declared its mission “to bring all national socialists, nationalists, racists and fascist together or people who consider themselves national socialists.”

The court was told that the group had planned “paramilitary” activities on the streets of Britain.

“We will develop active street crews in every town to deal with the insurgents,” said the mission statement, posted on the Force’s website.

The statement signed off by quoting the infamous “14 Words” by notorious American neo-Nazi David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

The court was also shown videos from the website which included images of the fall of the British Empire and footage from 9/11, which it claimed was one of the atrocities of Islam.

Another video showed neo-Nazis at a Wolf-Pack training camp in Cumbria, dressed in balaclavas, carrying Nazi flags and making Heil Hitler salutes.

UPDATE: here are two videos shown in court. The first is a series of photographs from the 'Wolf-Pack training camp'; the second shows the group experimenting with pipe bombs.

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