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CST and the Home Office supporting victims of hate crime

16 April 2010

Last year, CST received funding from the Home Office Victims' Fund to support our work helping victims of antisemitic hate crime. This helped to pay for specialist training for CST staff; and publicity, such as the bus stop advert at the bottom of this post, to advertise CST's services to the Jewish community. This was the first time that CST had ever received government funding.

This year, CST is fortunate enough to have been awarded a further £48,869 by the Home Office, in recognition of the continued need to support Jewish victims of hate crime. This has been reported in today's Jewish Chronicle, which includes the following quotes from CST and Home Office minister Alan Campbell:

A CST spokesman said: "This is the second year in succession that we have been awarded substantial Home Office funding in order to improve the services that we provide to victims of hate crimes.

"The funding is a welcome demonstration of the Home Office's confidence in our expertise. Crucially, it also shows that the Jewish community is not alone in the struggle against antisemitism today."

Home Office Minister Alan Campbell said: "We are determined to tackle these devastating crimes. This funding will provide more victims and their families with access to the support they need so they will have the confidence to report crimes, knowing they will be taken seriously and acted on."


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