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Police hate crime website launched

1 February 2011

The proper reporting and recording of hate crimes is a vital first step in the work done by CST, the police and others in reducing hate crime and supporting its victims. People who suffer hate crime often feel vulnerable and isolated, and it is important to provide as many different ways as possible for people to report hate crimes to the relevant agencies.

CST accepts reports of antisemitic incidents by phone, mail,verbally through our network of volunteers, or online, via the CST website. This last method provides a simple and convenient way for people to report non-emergencies to CST, and has proved a useful and effective reporting channel.

Now for the first time, a new website has been launched by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to enable the online reporting of all forms of hate crime to the police. Called 'True Vision' and supported by all police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the website is available at http://www.report-it.org.uk and provides information for victims and the public about what hate crime is, why it is important to report it when it happens, and sets out the range of ways hate crimes can be reported, including via a new online reporting form. The site also provides links to organisations that can offer support and advice on hate crime related issues (including CST).

CST encourages everybody who reports antisemitic incidents to us, to also report them to the police, so that we can work together to investigate the incident and support the victim. We therefore fully support this new intitiative as a way to help victims of all forms of hate crime, increase reporting rates to the police and improve their knowledge of how hate crime affects different communities. To quote the ACPO lead on hate crime, Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris:

Hate crimes cause a great deal of fear amongst victims and damages communities. Whilst we are committed to reducing the incidence of hate crime, it is vital that we close the gap of under-reporting. Only by increasing reporting can we gain a better understanding of the extent of hate crime and it is for this reason that I urge victims and witnesses to use the True Vision website and to continue to come forward so we can bring the perpetrators to justice.

True Vision

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