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CST Security Advice: possible terrorist incidents in India and Georgia

13 February 2012

According to media reports, an Israeli diplomat’s car has exploded in New Delhi, India, today, injuring one person, and explosives have also been found near the Israeli Embassy in Tblisi, Georgia.

While the exact circumstances of these two incidents are not yet clear, CST advises all Jewish communal organisations and buildings in the UK to ensure that all security measures are followed rigorously, and that the fullest co-operation is given to security personnel.

Suspicious activities and antisemitic incidents should be reported to Police on 999, and then to local security personnel, or the nearest CST office.

London CST can be contacted on 020 8457 999/emergency 24 hour number 07659 101668; Manchester CST 0161 792 6666/emergency 24 hour number 0800 980 0668.


  • Be alert to suspicious people and activities including parked cars and unattended bags.
  • Challenge and question all strangers and visitors to your building even if they are accompanied by
    someone you know.
  • DO NOT accept unexpected post, deliveries etc until they have been cleared by the intended
  • Items must be kept OUTSIDE your location until cleared as suitable for acceptance.
  • If you cannot confirm that it is genuine, DO NOT ACCEPT THE DELIVERY – send it back with the
  • Encourage all members of staff to tell security, reception, and caretaker personnel of expected
    deliveries, including the names of senders and couriers.
  • If you see anything which you deem suspicious, call the Police immediately - dial 999 and then contact CST

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