Milan synagogue: terror arrests in UK and Italy

15 Mar 2012 by CST

News agencies are reporting that British and Italian anti-terrorism police have this morning arrested two people on suspicion of involvement in a potential terrorist attack on a Milan synagogue.

CST has been informed by Scotland Yard that there is no indication that UK Jewish locations have been targeted.  

Italian Police arrested a 20 year old man and British Police arrested a 40 year old woman. The man is "the chief suspect". The woman is suspected of "collecting information useful to terrorism". Her residence is being searched and the authorities are trying to establish if there is a link between her and the alleged plot.

"Italian authorities also confiscated a computer they say contains plans for the attack, including details of the synagogue's security detail and potential access points."

"Anti-terrorism investigators identified the [male]suspect from Internet traffic including a Facebook page on how to assemble explosives, and sought the arrest warrant after receiving information that the man was receiving weapons training."

Reuters coverage is here; and Associated Press coverage is here.

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