Iran: how Zionist Jewish money runs Western media

25 May 2012 by CST

The old antisemitic lie about Jews running the media is not one you hear too often these days.

Nevertheless, nods, winks and hints about media (especially American media), somehow bowing before a pro-Israel agenda remains painfully common in certain left media and activist circles.

We hear how brave a journalist needs to be in order to criticise Israel. We hear that any journalist critical of Israel gets called an antisemite; and that these poor frightened things are committing career suicide. Of course, the mechanism of how this works is rarely spelt out, such details are usually left to the imagination of the reader or the audience.

Iranian journalists, however, run no such risks; and they are not afraid to call an anti-Israel spade an antisemitic conspiracy theory. 

Here is the BBC's Summary of World Broadcasts translation of the Fars News Agency website, 25 May 2012:

The deputy minister of Islamic Guidance in charge of the media, Mohammad Ja'far Mohammadzadeh has said that there are no independent media in the West, Fars news agency reported on 25 May.

"There are no independent media in the West and all media are forced to comply with the Zionist regime to survive and to continue receiving financial support," the news agency quoted Mohammadzadeh as saying.

He went on to say that 80 per cent of the stock on Wall Street was in the hands of "Zionist Jews" managing the Western media through this fund.

No doubt those who push the nonsense lie that Israel cannot be criticised in Western media will protest that they don't mean it like that. Ok, so perhaps they can tell us how they actually do mean it? How they think that it is actually enforced? And how can they stop their assinine claims from reinforcing antisemitic myths?

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