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CST welcomes EU ban on Hizbollah military wing

22 July 2013

CST welcomes today's decision by EU foreign ministers to proscribe the military wing of Hizbollah throughout the EU. We have issued a full statement on today's decision jointly with the Jewish Leadership Council, which can be read here, along with a briefing paper outlining the case against Hizbollah.

We have bloggedrepeatedly about Hizbollah's terrorist targeting of Jews around the world. Most recently, this was seen last year in Burgas, Bulgaria, where six people were killed when an Israeli tourist bus was blown up. Also last year, a Hizbollah operative called Hossam Yaacoub was convicted of plotting terrorist attacks in Cyprus.

Even prior to the 2012 plots in Burgas and Cyprus, Hizbollah had been behind at least fourteen different terrorist plots against Jewish communities and Israelis outside Israel since 1985, which are detailed in this CST report (pdf). As Yaacoub told Cypriot police when he was questioned about his activities:

I was just collecting information about the Jews...This is what my organization is doing, everywhere in the world.

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