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Security notice regarding terrorist incident in Paris

9 January 2015

Media reports indicate that hostages have been taken at a kosher grocery store in Paris, and that there may be casualties in the incident. This is believed to be linked to the murder of a Police officer in Paris yesterday and the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office on Wednesday.

Although there is currently no known link to the UK we believe it is important for us to ensure that security across the Jewish community is at an appropriate level this Shabbat.

We are in contact with Police forces across the country to ask for increased patrols in Jewish areas over Shabbat. This has already been agreed with the Metropolitan Police Service in London and Greater Manchester Police and we are grateful for their support.

We are also asking all Security Officers at Jewish locations to ensure there is sufficient security at their buildings during Shabbat as a visible reassurance to the community. This follows advice we issued to Security Officers and Jewish locations yesterday as part of our ongoing security work in the light of events in Paris.

We ask everybody to ensure that all security procedures are fully implemented and ask the community to follow the advice of Security Officers at your locations.

Please report any suspicious activity and antisemitic incidents as soon as possible to CST and Police. In an emergency, always call 999 first.

Please follow CST social media on Twitter (@CST_UK) and Facebook (Community Security Trust) for further updates.

For security advice or assistance please call your local CST office:

  • London & southern regions: 0208 457 9999
  • Manchester & northern regions: 0161 792 6666

CST 24/7 emergency numbers:

  • London & southern regions: 0800 032 3263
  • Manchester & northern regions: 0800 980 0668

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