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MPS Statement on conditions imposed on July 4th Demonstration

30 June 2015

The Metropolitan Police Service have shared their statement with CST regarding conditions that they have imposed on the July 4th demonstration:

The MPS has been engaging with protest organisers and

communities with regards to a planned static anti-Shomrim protest on

4th July at Golders Green, within the London Borough of Barnet.


After carefully considering all the facts surrounding this protest and

counter protest activity, including the impact on the Jewish and wider

community of Golders Green, it is the assessment of the MPS that

the presence of these groups in the same area at the same time is

likely to result in serious disorder, serious disruption to the life of the

community and intimidation of others. As a result, conditions have

been imposed on the anti-Shomrim protest group under Section 14

Public Order Act 1986.


Those conditions are that anti-Shomrim protestors must assemble

(hold a rally) at Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, London, SW1 in a

static assembly for 60 minutes from 1pm to 2pm. The assembly point

will be positioned on the east footway of Whitehall opposite Downing



By imposing these conditions, the MPS is attempting to strike a

balance between the right to peaceful assembly and peaceful protest

and our duty to prevent crime & disorder and protect the communities

of Golders Green.


The MPS will continue to work with residents, the business

community and protest organisers to publicise these conditions and

ensure that everyone is aware of the conditions and how it may affect



Saturday will see a significant policing operation around this protest

and any counter protest activity. It is essential that faith and

community leaders work closely with the local community and police

in preventing disorder and other criminality.

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