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CST Security Statement: Antisemitic Assault at Bowker Vale Metro Station

8 September 2015

CST is sending the below security notice to synagogues and other Jewish organisations in Greater Manchester. This follows a serious antisemitic assault in the heart of the north Manchester Jewish community.

This statement concerns the serious antisemitic assault by a group of three males upon four Jewish males at Bowker Vale metro station in the heart of north Manchester’s Jewish community, after which one of the victims, a 17yr old, remains in serious condition in hospital.

The assault occurred at approximately 1130pm on the night of Saturday 5 September and followed the shouting of antisemitic abuse.

CST is liaising with the families and has been asked to help request that tehilim prayers are said for the recovery of the hospitalised victim. (To this end, CST has given the victim’s name to synagogues in Greater Manchester and to others who have requested it.)

CST is also in close contact with Greater Manchester Police, who are mounting a full investigation into this serious and deeply troubling attack. The Police state that they are now “following up a number of positive lines of enquiry”.

CST utterly condemns this assault, which appears to have been the consequence of the type of random and thuggish street antisemitism and violence that is all too common: even if it does not usually have such an extreme outcome.

There is no reason to suggest that the attack was either pre-planned or in any way connected to international terrorism, but it has understandably caused much concern and distress within the Jewish community of north Manchester. CST entirely shares these worries, and we will continue working with the victims’ families, our Jewish community and local Police in every way possible at this time.

The assault confirms the need for security measures as already fully planned by CST, synagogues and Greater Manchester Police for the imminent High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This includes CST personnel, commercial security guards and visible policing.

CST urges our Jewish community to continue fully leading its way of life at this time, but asks that incidents of antisemitic behaviour be reported to CST’s office and to Police. In an emergency, always call 999.   

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