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Far right still flies the flag of hate

12 May 2016

The below article is the original version of an opinion piece published by the Jewish Chronicle on 5 May 2016 written by CST's Mark Gardner:

When I meet people who need antisemitism explained, I usually begin by showing them three items from the old Jewish defence archives.

The first is a National Socialist Movement flyer from 1962. Entitled "Free Britain From Jewish Control", it shows a fat hook-nosed Jew in banker's clothing, wielding a whip, its end shaped like a pound sterling sign. In the grotesque Jew's other hand is a sack of coins. Across his stomach is a watch chain, bearing a Star of David. Licking his feet, begging like dogs, are politicians marked "Labour", "Conservative" and "Lib".

Next, the September 1939 edition of The Fascist. The front page bears a black swastika and the headline "Jew-Control in Britain during the last World War". It lists dozens of people who were supposedly controlled by Jews in 1914 and asks "Are you going to stand for this again"?

Then, I show a 1936 copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, from the Britons Publishing Society.

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