Security following Finsbury Park attack

20 Jun 2017 by CST

CST condemns the suspected terrorist attack in Finsbury Park, north London, on Sunday night, in which a man drove a van into a crowd of Muslims standing on a pavement near to two mosques in the area. This attack adds to those that have previously occurred this year and risks further increasing tensions.

CST requests that our community remain calm, vigilant and cooperates with security measures at UK Jewish communal locations as outlined in this Security Bulletin (below). There is no specific information indicating that an attack on the Jewish community is being planned.

In particular, please be alert to any suspicious activity involving vehicles circling or hanging around Jewish communal locations or areas where the community gathers. In previous attacks of this type, there has been a practice run or some hostile reconnaissance just prior to the attack. This is where we can identify suspicious behaviour, alert our community and prevent an attack being successful.

Any suspicious activity must be reported accurately to Police on 999 and CST via radio or to 0800 032 3263 immediately.

CST has long warned of the dangers of far right extremism - our origins are in Jewish anti-fascism - and we will continue our work supporting Tell MAMA in their efforts to combat anti-Muslim hatred. We have given security advice to mosques and to Muslim communities on several occasions in the past and we have updated this guidance following Sunday's attack.

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“"The Guardian of Israel doesn't slumber or sleep". This feeling of safety and security that we search for and need is gratefully appreciated when it's given to us by the CST. It really is a pleasure to work with the CST and to be looked after and cared for by them. Where ever I go throughout Britain, in all our Synagogues from north to south the impact and help given by the CST is warmly valued.”

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Senior Rabbi, Reform Judaism