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Devon and Cornwall Police win award for their handling of antisemitism terrorist incident

3 December 2019

CST would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Devon and Cornwall Police, overall winners at the World Class Policing Awards 2019. The constabulary was recognised for their leading contribution in a number of areas, including digital device detection, policing the badger cull, support of domestic abuse victims, strategic alliance, and their handling of the terrorist incident at Exeter Synagogue.

In July 2018, a far right extremist conducted an arson attack on the historic building housing Exeter Synagogue. Such an event caused a lot of distress for both the local and wider Jewish community, but Devon and Cornwall Police’s role in coordinating a response – collaborating with local investigation units, counter terrorism colleagues, neighbourhood alliances and the community centres of various religious groups – not only helped to secure a successful prosecution at the Old Bailey, but greatly reassured Jewish people that they do not stand alone against antisemitic hatred and bigotry in the UK. CST volunteers and staff worked closely with the synagogue and the Police in this case. 

This serves as a wonderful example of how communal solidarity can be enhanced and fortified, even in the wake of extremely upsetting incidents that aim to create division. Thank you and congratulations, Devon and Cornwall Police

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