Twitter Unveils New Safety Centre

21 Jul 2015 by CST

Twitter has unveiled a new Safety Centre for users to learn about security both on Twitter and in the offline world. The platform has seen an increase of 500% in reports of violations to Twitter policy since changing the way users report harassment, whilst CST saw an increase of 118% in the number of antisemitic incidents reported in 2014.

The new centre will, for the first time, give users information about the tools that Twitter has to keep accounts secure, to control what others can see and to report tweets that violate Twitter’s rules. The Safety Centre will be tailored for teens, families, educators, law enforcers and Twitter’s partners.

CST has worked in conjunction with Twitter to ensure antisemitism on the platform can be reported and dealt with by the appropriate departments and authorities.

Twitter Head of Global Safety, Patricia Cartes, has previously commended CST’s work in this area:

“What is really important for us is to continue to engage with CST to really understand what is happening in the offline world and make sure that our mechanisms are prepared to cope with the increase of reports. It’s the insight that groups like CST have that empowers us to make changes and take action”.

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Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
Senior Rabbi, Reform Judaism