Kick It Out Launches App to Tackle Racism in Football

13 Aug 2015 by CST

Following a series of racist incidents, including the footage that emerged of Chelsea supporters pushing a black man off the Paris Metro, football’s anti-discrimination campaign, Kick It Out, has launched a new mobile app to enable fans to report racist abuse. 

The Guardian reports:

“The Kick It Out app enables fans at matches to report alleged abuse instantly and confidentially – and anonymously if they choose that option – to the safety officer at the stadium, who is then expected to alert stewards and have incidents dealt with swiftly. Last season 36% of reports about alleged abuse in the professional game were made via the app, Kick It Out said, with 54 complaints made via the app in total, a 59% increase on the 34 made in the 2013-14 season”

Anna Jonsson, reporting officer for Kick It Out told The Guardian:

“The updated version allows complainants to provide us with a greater level of evidence to support investigations through the use of video, photos and audio. We have particularly seen the use of video evidence play a key role in highlighting discriminatory behaviour and it is important we give complainants the opportunity to bring this to our attention if they have the footage recorded.”

Read more and download the app here.

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