Kick It Out launches brochure to combat antisemitism

3 Feb 2016 by CST

Kick It Out, the football focused anti-discrimination organisation, has launched a brochure to help fans tackle antisemitism in football. The brochure, Playing the Game: Reporting Antisemitism in Football, has been created in partnership with the Community Security Trust and Maccabi GB. It includes statistics of antisemitism in football for the 2014/2015 season and encourages users to report antisemitic abuse to both CST and Kick It Out.

In 2015, CST recorded 23 antisemitic incidents that occurred in relation to football, a fall from 42 recorded in 2014. Kick It Out’s own data on antisemitism in football demonstrated that 48 incidents in the 2014/2015 season took place on social media, whereas 14 took place during a professional game.

Rosin Wood, Director of of Kick It Out stated:

“Kick It Out has been at the forefront of raising awareness on antisemitism and the negative effects it has on the Jewish community within football. The reporting brochure, produced in partnership with the CST and Maccabi GB, will provide greater understanding on the role of Kick It Out, as well as helping encourage reporting of antisemitic behaviour across all levels of the game.”

 Dave Rich, CST Deputy Director of Communications said:

“Antisemitism should have no place in football. Jewish fans and players are entitled to enjoy their football without having to face abuse and we encourage people to use this guide to report antisemitism.”

 Martin Berliner, CEO of Maccabi GB, said:

“Maccabi GB is delighted that the issue of antisemitism in football is being addressed by Kick It Out and there is a real conscious effort to eradicate it from all forms of the game. Never before has there been such quick and easy ways to report abuse thanks to the Kick It Out App, as well as the freephone number and website. We are proud to be involved with these initiatives and the report itself.”

CST welcomes the release of this brochure and encourages all football fans who experience antisemitism, whether at a grassroots or professional level, to report it to both Kick It Out, via their App, online or by Freephone, and to CST.

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