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Conflicts Forum and Khaled Amayreh

10 June 2010

Conflicts Forum, the thinktank run by former MI6 officer Alistair Crooke and which aims to promote understanding of (and some would say, sympathy for) political Islamism, has launched a series of monographs on "gender discourse and Islamist perspectives on feminism". For the first monograph, published here (pdf), they commissioned Palestinian journalist Khaled Amayreh to conduct a series of interviews with Islamist women activists, and write a brief history of "The evolution of Islamist Women's Activism in Occupied Palestine."

The monograph contains the usual disclaimer that "The opinions in this paper are the author's own and do not necessarily represent those of Conflicts Forum." While the paper does not contain any particularly contentious opinions by Amayreh, it is likely that Conflicts Forum will be keen to distance themselves from some of his views published elsewhere, on issues relating to Jews, Judaism and the Holocaust.

Khaled Amayreh on the Talmud and "Judeo-Nazism":

After all, Gaza today is very much like Ghetto Warsaw of 1943. The comparison might raise some eyebrows here and there, but the truth, in case people still care about it, is that Gazans are completely dependent on the good will of the peoples of the world for their very survival.

If they approach the wall of death on the Israeli side, they are summarily killed by indifferent bullets fired by an Israeli soldier who is likely to have been taught  in his neighborhood synagogue or local yeshiva (Talmudic School) that non-Jews are virtual animals whose lives have no sanctity whatsoever.


In the meanwhile, Israeli leaders are threatening to violently confront the messengers of love and good will who have come from distant lands to show solidarity with the people of Gaza who have been thoroughly savaged by the very people who have the Chutzpa to claim themselves as “a light upon the nations” when in reality they have demonstrated ad nauseam that they are actually an abomination, a cancer upon the world.

In short, we are talking about a showdown between the forces of evil and darkness, represented by the goons of Judeo-Nazism, people like Benyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman, and, on the other hand,  the forces of hope, love, peace and justice, which these sublime human beings represent.


As to the Jewish people, apart from a small minority which deserves admiration, they seem to prefer to worship the Golden Calf rather than obey Moses an Aaron.

I am saying this because supporting Israel right or wrong is an act of paganism and idolatry.

Khaled Amayreh on the Holocaust:

As a Palestinian who has lived virtually all his adult life under Israels nefarious military occupation, I can testify that Zionist leaders, academics and propagandists are actually professional practitioners of mendacity as much as they are of murder and bloodshed.

In fact, from over 35 years of observing and monitoring Israeli-Zionist hazbara (propaganda) both in Israel and the United States, I could safely conclude that everything and anything said or written by the official Israeli-Zionist establishment, whether on Palestinian refugees or on the only democracy in the Middle East or, indeed, on the holocaust, should be thoroughly doubted and questioned, for Zionists are pathological liars and they should be treated as such until proven otherwise.

Indeed, Israels infamous and nefarious lies about the Palestinian plight and her continued misrepresentation of truth and reality about her genocidal torment of the Palestinian people, which transcends reality, should force all truth-seekers to think a hundred times before giving any Zionist story or narrative the benefit of the doubt.

Lying, of course, is not confined to Zionist Jews, and nobody can claim that mendacity is an exclusively Jewish-Zionist monopoly.

However, unlike the worlds other lying murderers, the big lie in the Israeli case happens to be a structural component of the misbegotten entity.


But if lying is Israels best policy, and it is in a certain sense, shouldnt the world, particularly those who have been exposed and victimized by Zionist lies, doubt the Zionists official stories about other issues, such as the holocaust, for example?

In short, couldnt Zionism, through its powerful propaganda machine, which has succeeded in thoroughly penetrating and engulfing much of the worlds media, show business, and even in the academic world, lie about the events which the Jews of Europe encountered during the Nazi era, as, indeed, it has been lying so abundantly and so successfully about the Palestinian plight?

As a Palestinian, an Arab and a Muslim who has been among the premier victims of Zionist mendacity, I believe I have the right to and am justified in doubting, questioning and even not believing much or most of what the Israeli and Zionist propagandists have been saying about the holocaust.

Indeed, if Zionists could lie about their present and ongoing torment of my people, usurpation of my homeland and arrogation of my rights, and they do it rather obscenely, couldnt they likewise lie, equally obscenely, about the holocaust, an event that took place over half a century ago?

Khaled Amayreh on the Blood Libel:

On 7 March [2004], Jews in Israel celebrated "Purim", a festive Jewish holiday during which Jews are supposed to wear strange costumes, get slightly drunk and ridicule their enemies.

The "holiday" is supposed to commemorate the ancient Biblical story of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, who, according to the Old Testament, saved the Jewish people from destruction and convinced the King of Persia to exterminate the enemies of the Jews, especially the diabolic figure, Haman.

This year, the Israeli army saw to it that the Purim rituals are re-enacted more "authentically" and that as much "enemy blood" as the international public opinion allow was spilt.


It is not clear why the carnage was carried out on the very day Jews were celebrating Purim. Palestinians say it was not a coincident [sic], and many Israelis, including right-wingers who say what they mean and mean what they say seem to concur.


However, the unspoken words of almost all commentators suggested that the Gaza raid was meant, first and foremost, to shed as much Palestinian blood as possible on the Purim holiday.

(Palestine Times April 2004 p.3, not available online)

Khaled Amayreh on the Jewish conspiracy:

After the then Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad gave a speech in 2003 alleging that "the Jews rule this world by proxy", Amayreh wrote this in defence of Mahathir:

I don't know why the shipyard dogs of Zionism are making a big fuss about Mahathir Muhammed's remarks.

The man was stating the obvious, telling it as it is!

Don't the Jews control the United States completely?

Don't they control American policies and politics? Don't they tightly control Congress? Don't they decide who is elected and who is not? Isn't the Congress of the United States playing to the Jewish organ grinder?

Don't the Jews control the media? Don't they control the banks? Don't they control Show Biz? Don't they control the Pentagon?


Aren't the Jews behind the increasingly problematic relations between Islam and the West?

Aren't the Jews behind the collapse of many East Asian economies during the past decade?


In fact, the Malaysian Prime Minister was in a sense praising the Jews and showing admiration toward their ingenuity in controlling the United States.

Indeed, is it not a great wonder how five million Jews could tightly control 280 million Americans?

(Palestine Times November 2003 p.10, not available online)

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