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CST trains commercial security guards from the southern region

19 Apr 2018 by CST

Last week, CST hosted a successful security training course for commercial security guarding company managers, directors and senior staff. CST recognises the importance of ongoing training and learning for security staff who help to protect our Jewish community.

The course focused on teaching attendees what is expected of their security guards, including security procedures and the principals of security. Additionally, the training concentrated on improving the standard of security, something CST is continually striving to do, and how to work with the Jewish community.

25 people took part in this important course, and CST hopes to host a similar event for commercial security guarding companies who work at Jewish locations in the Northern region.

The CST security trainer who led the workshop said:

“It’s great to be able to work with the directors of guarding companies, to ensure that the guards protecting our children have the most current knowledge and procedures relayed to them.” 

CST receives a £13.4 million grant from the Government, which was renewed this year by Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP at the CST dinner. This grant pays for commercial security guards, including some of the companies represented in the training, at Jewish schools and other sensitive Jewish locations. 

CST wishes to thank all those who attended. If you would like to find out more about the crucial security work CST does to protect our Jewish community, you can find out more on the CST website.

  • Neo-Nazi who called for Jews to be eradicated given a three-year prison sentence

    19 Apr 2018 by CST

    A 22-year-old neo-Nazi, who labelled Jews “parasites” who should be “eradicated” was found guilty of incitement to racial hatred at Preston Crown Court, by a unanimous jury. The man has been found guilty of breaching the Public Order Act 1986 by using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour”. CST initially reported two speeches by the individual, who CST had been aware of for several years, to the Police. The man has been given a total sentence of three years in jail.   Read more…

  • Yom HaShoah: The testimony of Sidonia Z”L

    11 Apr 2018 by CST

    On account of Yom HaShoah today, CST wanted to share a personal message. Yom HaShoah is observed as Israel’s day of commemoration for the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust. In July, a Holocaust survivor, Sidonia (Sidi) Z”L, the grandmother of a CST staff member, passed away in the United States, aged 93. Sidonia survived three concentration camps: Auschwitz, Stutthof and Prost. Read more…

  • Football supporter found guilty of antisemitic tweet

    4 Apr 2018 by CST

    On 3 March 2018, a Twitter user, known as Lee Munns, was sentenced to community service and a fine after being found guilty of committing a Section 4a Public Order Offence after posting an antisemitic tweet in August 2017. Munns was previously implicated in a racism scandal involving Chelsea fans on the Paris metro. CST’s partner, Kick It Out, worked closely on the case to ensure it was dealt with by the Crown Prosecution Service.    Read more…

  • Jewish community says #EnoughIsEnough – it’s time to tackle antisemitism in Labour

    29 Mar 2018 by CST

    On Monday evening, over 1,000 members of the Jewish community and its supporters protested in Parliament Square to tell the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, that Enough is Enough. Since Jeremy Corbyn was first named Labour party leader, in September 2015, there has been a growing focus on the problem of antisemitism in the party. Repeated cases of antisemitism from Labour Party members have not been dealt with quickly or effectively under Corbyn’s leadership and the Jewish community is now demanding action.    Read more…

  • CST welcomes over 30 CCTV contractors and the Police at second CCTV forum

    22 Mar 2018 by CST

    This week, CST hosted over 30 CCTV contractors from across the United Kingdom at the second CCTV forum that CST has held. Through the Security Enhancement Project, CST has spent over £11 million on enhancing physical security measures at Jewish buildings throughout the UK, including CCTV. CST has also developed a national security control room, with direct CCTV access to hundreds of Jewish communal building across the UK.    Read more…

  • CST working closely with Stamford Hill schools on security to protect the Kehilla

    19 Mar 2018 by CST

    Last week CST is delighted to have hosted the first CST Stamford Hill Schools meeting. CST invited schools in the area who receive funds through the Government Grant. This meeting was part of CST’s strengthening engagement with the kehilla, especially regarding security for schools.     Read more…

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“I’ve now worked with CST on and off for about 11 or 12 years directly, and in that time I’ve seen it develop into a really professional organisation – well-funded, well-organised, delivers on its promises, very challenging, there’s no messing about... But it has my support and it has the Police service of the United Kingdom’s support – great partner, it delivers what it says on the tin and it does its best to keep safe and share intelligence and allow us to move forward together.”

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM
Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police