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15 Jan 2019 by CST

If your synagogue, organisation or community group would like CST to talk about our work at one of your formal or informal meetings, please get in touch with us. We do not charge for this service and are very happy to provide it.  

In recent months, CST’s communal engagement staffer has spoken at many shuls, clubs and other types of meetings. Her work has included short informal spiels at kiddushim to longer and more in-depth presentations to weekday social circles, and everything in between. Sometimes these are small, intimate group settings of ten or 15 people and other times the groups are much larger.

On every occasion, we are delighted to present and tailor presentations according to the needs and interests of those with whom we meet. After all, this is our service to our community, and all of our work depends upon partnership and mutual support with each of our Jewish communal institutions.

We know that CST is a household name throughout the Jewish community and we are proud to help Jewish life flourish. But we also know that nobody really understands the full scope of our work. In fact, they probably know very little, because whilst some of our security work is quite visible, there is a great deal of other work, including on political and media issues.

Please, contact CST and let us come and explain our work.

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“I’ve now worked with CST on and off for about 11 or 12 years directly, and in that time I’ve seen it develop into a really professional organisation – well-funded, well-organised, delivers on its promises, very challenging, there’s no messing about... But it has my support and it has the Police service of the United Kingdom’s support – great partner, it delivers what it says on the tin and it does its best to keep safe and share intelligence and allow us to move forward together.”

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM
Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police