Over 100 Security Volunteers Graduate as Five Courses Finish

22 Jul 2015 by CST

CST’s security volunteers are crucial for CST’s work keeping the Jewish community in the United Kingdom safe in these challenging times. With an increase in antisemitic attacks across Europe, including the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen at the beginning of this year, CST has been inundated with applications to join our growing pool of security volunteers.

This week CST saw the completion of five security courses which have been running in the Southern regions, culminating in a graduation ceremony to present each newly qualified volunteer a certificate and their CST badge. CST’s Chief Executive, David Delew, addressed the new security officers in front of over 30 security team leaders, regional managers and security instructors who were also present. He touched on the difficult challenges the community faces in the United Kingdom today, and thanked the security volunteers for their ongoing commitment in protecting our Jewish community.

One new security officer responded that they felt “a sense of accomplishment and empowerment in completing the course. I am grateful to have received the skills to defend myself and the community.” Another new security volunteer who graduated this week said that she found the physical training element of the security course “great”. Whilst she had initially worried that “it would be too hard for girls – it turned out it wasn’t” and she would urge others who want to take part to “not be put off by the physical element”. Another new volunteer said that the instructors made “everything clear, professional and so much fun too” and added that they are “grateful to have been given the chance to take part in an organisation so meaningful and rewarding”.

One new officer summed up the course by stating that “I understand more about the threats we face, how to look at suspicious people and where to stand when protecting an event” in order to ensure our Jewish community is kept safe from the hostile challenges we face.

If you want to learn new skills, get fit, defend yourself and contribute to protecting our community, you too can become a CST security officer. Please contact us with an application form.

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Fiyaz Mughal
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