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CST accredited with good practice for volunteer management

10 December 2015

CST’s volunteers are at the heart of all our work protecting the Jewish community. We literally could not function without them and we do everything we can to ensure they have the skills and the equipment they need to do their work. This is why we are proud to have been accredited with adhering to good practice in volunteer management by the Jewish Volunteer Network. CST is now one of only 10 organisations to have received this accreditation.

In order to qualify for this certification, we had to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of roles, from recruitment to support, connected to volunteer management. We have shown that we deal with volunteer and recruitment enquiries correctly and fairly. We also provide ongoing support to our volunteers, who dedicate their time to protecting the Jewish community.

Our accreditation acknowledges that we ensure a duty of care, including risk assessments, health and safety policies and assessments for volunteers with disabilities. These are all of paramount importance for CST in supporting all of our volunteers.

As CST grows, we will continue to need more volunteers to help protect our community. If you want to play your part in this essential work, please apply to be a CST volunteer. All volunteers are vetted and fully trained before joining CST’s volunteer teams. 

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