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CST volunteers show their commitment to protecting our community after London and Manchester attacks

13 June 2017

Following the tragic Manchester and London attacks, which left 30 people dead, two hundred CST security volunteers participated in vigorous, specially designed security training scenarios. CST’s staff and volunteers are fully committed to the task at hand, confronting the threats facing both the Jewish community and our wider British society.

 The two training sessions focused on dealing with knife attacks, suicide bombers, multiple attackers and car rammings. Sadly, the Jewish community has all too often been a target for terrorists in Europe, and CST does its utmost to ensure that security and training is delivered to the highest possible standard.

CST’s National Head of Training responded to the tremendous outpouring of support and commitment of the volunteers:

“In all my years of training, these sessions were some of the best training sessions I have ever been at, in particular, the level of commitment from the volunteers and the atmosphere in the room. The feedback has been exceptional.”

If you would like to become a CST volunteer security officer, helping to protect our community, please contact the CST training department

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