Terrorist incident at Parson’s Green Underground Station

15 Sep 2017 by CST

Police are treating as a “terrorist incident” this morning’s explosion on an underground train at Parsons Green station, west London.

CST has spoken with Police and we have been assured that at this stage there is no evidence that the explosion has any connection to the Jewish community. Nevertheless, given the current high terror threat level and the potential for attacks against multiple targets, including against the Jewish community, we urge everybody to be vigilant, to report anything suspicious and to follow all security protocols and instructions if you are visiting a Jewish location.

You must, in particular, be fully alert for suspicious bags, packages, people or vehicles. If you see any such object, do not touch it. You and others must move away from the bag or package. Ensure that there is a wall or strong barricade between you and the object of concern. Keep well away from outward facing windows. Call the Police on 999 and then call CST’s 24hr emergency number 0800 032 3263.

CST is working closely with Police throughout the UK. To keep informed of latest updates, please follow CST on Twitter (@CST_UK).

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Fiyaz Mughal
Tell MAMA project leader