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CST secures Jewish community counter-demonstration

14 June 2018

On Sunday, Community Security Trust secured the Jewish community counter-demonstration against the annual Al Quds Day march. 

The counter-demonstration was organised by the Zionist Federation, speakers included Chairman of the Zionist Federation Paul Charney and the broadcaster and former extremist Maajid Nawaz. 

Working under difficult circumstances, a large team of CST volunteers and staff spent the day working with Police and organisers to minimise the threat to the Jewish community in a challenging security environment. 

CST prides itself on being able to facilitate every aspect of Jewish communal life.

CST Head of Communications Mark Gardner said:

“CST’s job was to help ensure our community’s right to protest against this remarkably hateful annual demonstration. It was a challenging task, requiring strong cooperation from both the Zionist Federation and the Metropolitan Police, made harder due to the various far right and football gang type groups that had publicised their own protest. CST and the ZF insisted that the community’s own protest be separated from those others and we managed to largely achieve that on the day.”

Executive Director of the Zionist Federation Arieh Miller praised the work of CST saying: 

"Thanks to the support of CST we were able to near enough guarantee the safety of all those who came out to stand against hate. CST continues to put out their volunteers to protect us and our community, ensuring that the ZF, and many others, are able to continue standing up for what is right without fear."

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